Technical Information




Indoor Performance Venue - Richmond Olympic Oval
6111 River Rd, Richmond BC, V7C 0A2

Workshop Venue - Richmond Curling Club
5540 Hollybridge Way, Richmond, BC, V7C 4N3

Outdoor Performance Venue 
Steveston Village


The Canadian Gymnaestrada Workshops will be open to all registered participants. The schedule has been specifically arranged to allow each group the opportunity to enjoy the workshops for one half of the day while reserving one half of the day for rehearsals.


08:30-11:30 - Morning Workshop Sessions (Group Block B)

  • Session 1B - 08:30-09:20
  • Session 2B - 09:30-10:20
  • Session 3B - 10:30-11:20

11:30-13:30 - Lunch Break
13:30-16:30 - Afternoon Workshop Sessions (Group Block A)

  • Session 1A - 13:30-14:20
  • Session 2A - 14:30-15:20
  • Session 3A - 15:30-16:20

The workshop sign-up has closed. Each workshop station can accommodate 50 people on each rotation and groups have been assigned their workshop sessions according to their preference indicated in the sign-up. The workshop allocations will be communicated to the groups via email. 


Vancouver Circus School
The Vancouver Circus School is a family owned and operated educational institution, our mission is to provide a physical education in circus arts for children, teens, adults, and seniors, notwithstanding race, gender, socioeconomics, or ability. Their programs are specifically designed to promote long-term development, physical literacy, and healthy practices for students and staff in anticipation of achieving their dreams. The Vancouver Circus School will be teaching workshops in prop manipulation, including juggling, flower sticks, Diabolo and more.

DancePl3y - Presented by Melanie Levenberd, M.Ed., B.Kin
Get ready to bust-a-move as you foster physical literacy and develop fundamental movement skills (FMS)! Learn simple moves from today’s most popular dance and music styles including Hip Hop, Urban, Ballroom, House/Club, Lyrical, Jazz/Funk etc. as you explore the elements of dance in a an interACTIVE way. DANCEPL3Y (dance-play) is an internationally accredited curriculum-based program that playswith the rules of dance to allow students to experience success with movements and rhythms from around the globe!

Stage Makeup for Performers - Presented by Marie-Helene Babin and Justin Ewart
The instructors from the Makeup Artistry Certificate Program at Vancouver Community College will be demonstrating how to apply basic stage makeup for performers. In this 50 min session, performers will learn the purpose and importance of stage makeup and how to enhance their facial features for the stage performance. With live demonstrations, participants will see the transformation that stage makeup creates.

World Gymnaestrada Information and World Team Choreography - Presented by Suzanne Fisher
As part of Gymnastics Canada’s World Gymnaestrada management team, Suzanne Fisher has had the pleasure of attending World Gymnaestrada (WG) twice (in Lausanne in 2011 and in Helsinki in 2015). Suzanne will draw upon her World Gymnaestrada experience to share some very insightful and interesting information, including:

  • WG History
  • Canada's participation at WG
  • The WG experience
  • WG 2019 - What to expect
  • Dornbirn, AUT (and surrounding area) travel details
  • WG tips and tricks
  • WG World Team choreography

One with Music - From Expression to Execution (Afternoon Workshops only) - Presented by Elena Mager-Tetz, Bcomm
Together we will explore what it means to “move with the music” and how to improve our performance quality with this skill! Music is the driving force in our choreographies, and ideally, we should let the music speak through us. However, this can be much easier said than done! In this workshop, we will practice and play with several different music styles to learn how to bring the show home to our audience. We will look at everything from facial and body expression, to clean execution so that we can better our style and our performance. Get ready to learn, move, and have fun!

Acrobatic Storytelling (Morning Workshops only) - Presented by Monica Goermann
Exploration of the purpose of choreography beyond movement for movement sake. This workshop will draw on the inspiration and development of choices in music, expression, mood, and shapes to connect and deepen the experience for the audience in witnessing a movement presentation.


The true nature of a Gymnaestrada event is to come together in a non-competitive, inclusive, celebration of gymnastics. While it is important to recognize and honor the celebratory nature of Gymnaestrada, it is also important to embrace the opportunity to share, grow, and pursue continued learning and development for coaches and participants. 

All registered groups (Indoor and City) will be given the opportunity to receive formal feedback on their performance from the Canadian Gymnaestrada Adjudication Panel. Click HERE to meet the Adjudicators!

Similar to past Gymnaestrada cycles, the “Group Feedback Form” will:

  • Assist Gymnastics Canada in the allocation of World Gymnaestrada performance spots. As outlined in the FIG Gymnastics for All Regulations, each federation receives a limited number of performance spots. This means we must find collaborative and creative ways to allow all interested groups the chance to participate in the world event. The “Group Feedback Form” assists greatly in this process.
  • Provide formal written feedback to any coach/group who has indicated interest in receiving input from a non-affiliated, 3rd party perspective. The adjudicators are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise in the area of Gymnaestrada and Performance Gymnastics to highlight the successes of each performance and also offer ideas, suggestions and feedback for continued development.

The “Group Feedback Form” may be used in many different ways, depending on the personal goals of each coach and group. Coaches will have the option of meeting with the Adjudication Panel to discuss their performance and feedback form on-site. Coaches may also choose to use the “Group Feedback Form” independently, as a self-reflection exercise, or they may choose to work with a fellow coach to conduct a peer-review of each other’s group performances.