Safe Sport Policies



Individuals participating in all disciplines of gymnastics in Canada, including athletes, coaches, officials, sport administrators, volunteers and others should be able to engage in a positive sport environment that is free from abuse, maltreatment, and discrimination. Our Safe Sport policies are intended to provide a comprehensive set of principles that establish expected behaviour, guide decision-making, and promote accountability for all individuals associated with Gymnastics Canada. Further policies will be made available as they are developed or revised, and approved. 

In December 2022, Gymnastics Canada updated its Safe Sport policies to align with the UCCMS and Abuse Free Sport requirements.  These are listed below:

If you are concerned about the welfare of a participant, and/or believe there has been a contravention of these policies, please report your concerns.

Please visit our REPORTING page for more information, resources, and support.

That Gymnastics Canada and it Members (P/TGOs) agree that any suspension or expulsion of membership of a “Registered Participant” of GCG by a Member or GCG shall be reciprocally applied across all jurisdictions of the Members of GCG. All processes of the Member relating to the matter shall have been followed to ensure that: 

  • A fair hearing was held by the member concerning the alleged breach by the person; 
  • The person was duly notified of the hearing;
  • For the hearing, the person was notified by the Member that if found guilty of a breach of the Member’s Code of Ethics, Rules, Policies, or Regulations, the person would be either suspended, expelled, or registration with the Member would be cancelled and that the person will also have its registration as a Registered Participant with GCG suspended or cancelled based on the sanction issued by the Member; 
  • After the hearing, the person was found guilty of a breach of the Code of Ethics, Rules, Policies, or Regulations of the Member.