24 septembre 2021

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Gymnastics Canada is soliciting proposals from individual or professional communications firms to  provide a response to this proposal by October 11, 2021. This request for proposal (RFP) contains the background information on Gymnastics Canada, as well as specific information which must be included  in the RFP response.


First established in 1969, Gymnastics Canada (GymCan) is the national governing body for the sport of  gymnastics in Canada.  

Gymnastics Canada works closely with our provincial and territorial federations and 700 local clubs to  provide a broad range of programs and services to meet the needs of all participants. From athlete  development to coach and judge education, Gymnastics Canada sets the operating standards and  practices for the sport in Canada. Our mandate is to promote and provide positive and diverse gymnastics  experiences through the delivery of quality and safe gymnastics programming. 

Gymnastics is a multi-discipline sport with two identities, one as a foundation sport and the other as a  competitive sport. Gymnastics in Canada is governed by Gymnastics Canada, which is a federation of  Provincial/Territorial members composed of clubs and individual members. Gymnastics Canada is  recognized as the governing body for the sport of Gymnastics in Canada by the international body (FIG). 




Twitter: @GymCan1 

Instagram: @GymCan1 



OUR VISION: As a foundational sport, we aspire to create a safe and inclusive environment  where growth has no limits and participants find joy in the pursuit of excellence. 

OUR MISSION: Build a healthy foundation. Develop and empower champions. Inspire the  nation. 


Gymnastics Canada and its Member Associations have been impacted significantly by the COVID 19 pandemic, with many gymnastics clubs being closed for well over a year and with little to no  competition opportunity being available to all levels of athletes for over two competitive seasons.  GymCan is facing a new “post-COVID” reality that has seen a requirement to restructure the  provision of service at the national level in anticipation of a slow recovery (multi-year) of club  participant registration. As well, with the implementation of a new 5-year Strategic Plan for  “Gymnastics in Canada”, GymCan is re-organising its programming priorities to align with collective  priorities identified by our Provincial/Territorial members for a more streamlined and seamless  approach to developing the sport of Gymnastics in Canada.


Gymnastics Canada is seeking the services of a professional bilingual Communications Contractor for  a minimum period of one year (November 2021 – November 2022) with possibility of extension. This  individual will be expected to provide organizational communication management services to the  national body for up to 25 hours per week (on average). The following outlines the expectations of  scope of service: 

1. Act as the main point of contact for Gymnastics Canada in respect to matters pertaining to  external (public) communications requirements; 

2. Provide professional service support in conjunction with the Gymnastics Canada team of staff  in respect to matters pertaining to internal (member) communications requirements; 3. Provide management support to staff and an external service provider in the maintenance of  GymCan website materials and social media channels; 

4. Provide professional communication support for GymCan staff in respect to competition  performance reporting (domestic and international) of Canada’s national gymnastics teams,  including the management of press briefings/conferences where appropriate; 

5. Assist GymCan staff in the preparation of media and member communication tools/resources  in respect to Safe Sport, Coach Education and recreational Gymnastics initiatives; 


In order to provide the service required by Gymnastics Canada, the individual or organization will  require the following credentials or skill sets: 

• Functionally bilingual capacity for service provision (written and oral); 

• A professional designation/degree in journalism or equivalent professional qualification; • A strong understanding of the national sport community and environment. Gymnastics  knowledge is an asset but not a requirement; 

• A proven ability to work flexible hours (including weekends) to ensure timely coverage  and/or release of information; 

• A proven track record of service provision and leadership in communications within a not  for profit environment. 

• Based in Canada and working within an established and registered business.


In order to be considered for this role, please provide the following information in your proposal: 

    1. Inclusive of, but not limited to: 
      1. Company or candidate overview (history, experience, accomplishments) ii. Mission & Values statements (organization) 
      2. Not For Profit or Sport experience relevant to this role 
      3. Confirmation of Contractor status (other active contracts) 
      4. Confirmation of availability 
    1. Specifically addresses requirements as listed in this RFP 
  3. BUDGET 
    1. Proposed annual contract fee and/or fee structure 
    2. Other associated costs (support requirements if appropriate) 
    1. Conflict of interest, or potential thereof 
    1. Minimum of three, with the following preferences: 
      1. Customer relationship of 5+ years 
      2. Customer relationship of 3-5 years 
      3. Customer relationship of 1-3 years 
    2. References may be checked and evaluated 

*GymCan reserves the right to request any additional documentation that it deems necessary to  assist with the review and contract award process.


GymCan will determine which vendors are deemed best qualified to complete the project based on the  information requested in the RFP.  

GymCan, without liability, cost, or penalty, in its sole discretion, may disqualify any vendor at any time,  if: 

1) Their submission contains incorrect information; 

2) GymCan feels the Bidder misrepresented any information provided in its submission; 3) The Bidder fails to disclose an actual or potential conflict-of-interest; 

4) The submission reveals a conflict of interest. 

Short-listed vendors will be invited to a two-step interview process; an RFP discovery interview and an  in-person or virtual interview. 

The RFP discovery interview’s purpose is to provide vendors with the ability to seek further clarification  on expected outcomes of the scope of work listed in the RFP document. The discovery interview goal is  to uncover any assumptions related to the scope of work by either the vendor or GymCan. 


If a Bidder is selected via this RFP process, the Bidder and GymCan shall negotiate and sign an  agreement. The Bidder’s response to this RFP in its entirety, or if amended during negotiations, shall  form part of the agreement. 


GymCan reserves the right, in its sole discretion to: 

• Reject of accept any proposal, including the right to reject all proposals. 

• Negotiate with any or all vendors after the closing date. 

• Interview short-listed vendors. 

• Award contract upon successful negotiation process.


GymCan will notify all participants of the result of the selection process via email.


Any questions regarding GymCan’s RFP for a Communications Contractor partner can be directed to  Ian Moss. Ian will be available to all potential applicants leading up to the submission deadline.  

The deadline for receipt of your proposal submission is no later than October 11th, 2021 at 5:00pm ET.  Documents must be submitted in an electronic format to: 

Ian Moss 

CEO, Gymnastics Canada 



Proposals submitted to GymCan by: October 11, 2021 

GymCan announces short-listed firms: October 

RFP Discovery interviews: October 

In-person (or virtual) interviews: November 

Selection of successful firm announced: November 

*May be subject to change



• Demonstrated experience working with similar organisations and scope of work • Sport environment experience 

• Bilingual capacity 

• Demonstrated expertise in written and oral presentation 

• Availability 


• Budget proposals reflects the goals and deliverables of the project 

• Displays command of project tasks through comprehensive work plans proposal • Demonstrated ability to meet project timelines and budget (from other work examples) • Risk identification and management strategies 

• Cost in comparison to work value and other bids 

• Display creativity and innovative approaches in achieving project goals 

• Addition of a valuable task(s) or incentives that were not identified in the RFP that fits  within project timeline and budget or adds value to the successful bid 

OTHER (15%) 

• References 

• Presents an understanding of the GymCan vision, mission, and strategic priorities. • Meets the GymCan vulnerable sector training requirements