Aspire Program


The Canadian Aspire Program (CAP) has been established to assist in the development of young athletes as they prepare for higher level competition. The program is dedicated to mastering strong basic skills on all four events upon which to build contemporary advanced elements in the years to come. Although the athletes will not compete “compulsory” routines, their optional routines will be created from a set of indicated skills, connections and requirements listed for each event. The emphasis is on the quality, not on the quantity of the elements performed. The CAP is an excellent start for all gymnasts as they work to fulfill their potential and eventually compete in the higher levels of the Canadian Junior Olympic (JO) Program or the Canadian High Performance (HP) Program.

The Aspire Program is a preparation program which exists alongside the Canadian JO Program. Gymnasts can move freely between the Aspire Program and JO in the competition year as outlined in the regulations below.

The program has two levels:


Aspire One is an entry level program for athletes 9-11 years of age preparing for competitive streams. This category is for the beginner or less experienced athlete and focuses on the development of essential basic elements on each event. Athletes can attain top D scores by performing only the Required Elements.


Aspire Two is an advanced level program for athletes 10-11 years of age with the goal of entry to higher levels of competition including the National and High Performance programs. The focus remains on strong essential basic elements on all events as well as the inclusion of key advanced elements. As in any other WAG program, athletes are expected to compete with stable and consistent content.

There is a set of Required Elements, which each athlete should include in their routines. Athletes capable of performing more advanced skills can increase the value of their routine by adding specific skills listed under each apparatus to a maximum difficulty value.


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