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Michel Vivier

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    Toronto, ON

    Natalia Kachaiev

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Michel Vivier

Birthplace: Toronto, ON
Year of Birth: 2004
Club: Viva RGC
Favourite Event:
Jr. National Team since: 2017
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2019 Elite Canada Junior Champion in AA and all apparatus...


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  • Event Name
  • Achievement
  • 2019
  • Canadian Championships (Markham, ON)
  • 1st A-Around, 1st Rope, 2nd Ball, 1st Clubs, 2nd Ribbon
  • 2019
  • Elite Canada (Calgary, AB)
  • 1st A-Around, Rope, Ball, Clubs, Ribbon
  • 2018
  • Canadian Championships (Richmond, BC)
  • 2nd A-Around, 2nd Hoop, 2nd Ball, 1st Clubs, 1st Ribbon
  • 2018
  • Pacific Rim Championships (Medellin, COL)
  • 2nd Team, 3rd A-Around, 2nd Hoop, 4th Ball, 3rd Clubs, 3rd Ribbon
  • 2018
  • Elite Canada (Toronto, ON)
  • 1st A-Around, 1st Hoop, 1st Ball, 1st Clubs, 1st Ribbon
  • 2017
  • Canadian Championships (Edmonton, AB)
  • 1st A-Around, 2nd Hoop, 2nd Ball, 2nd Clubs, 4th Ribbon