National Teams

Diana Noskova

  • Residence

    Toronto, ON

  • Coach(es)

     Mimi Masleva, Stefka Moutafchieva

Diana Noskova

Birthplace: Kirov, Russia
Year of Birth: 2001
Club: Jusco RG
Sr. National Team since: 2017
Follow me on Instagram: @diananoskova4 

Getting into the sport: Diane started gymnastics when she was 5 years old…She became interested when watching rhythmic gymnastics on TV…Diana wanted to be as good as them.

Odds and ends: In three words Diana describes herself as: Tall, flexible, and determined. Her favourite quote is: “The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow”. 


  • Year
  • Event Name
  • Achievement
  • 2019
  • World Championships (Baku, AZE)
  • RGG: 20th A-Around
  • 2019
  • Pan Am Games (Lima, PER)
  • RGG: 5th A-Around, 5th 5 Balls, 6th 3 Hoops & 2 Clubs
  • 2019
  • World Cup (Baku, AZE)
  • RGG: 25th A-Around
  • 2019
  • World Challenge Cup (Guadalajara, ESP)
  • 11th A-Around, 11th 5 Balls, 11th Hoops and Clubs
  • 2018
  • Canadian Championships (Richmond, BC)
  • 5th A-Around, 7th Hoop, 5th Ball, 5th Clubs, 7th Ribbon  
  • 2018
  • Elite Canada (Toronto, ON)
  • 6th A-Around, 5th Hoop, 6th Ball, 7th Clubs, 6th Ribbon  
  • 2017
  • Canadian Championships (Edmonton, AB)
  • 7th A-Around, 8th Hoop, 12th Ball, 6th Clubs, 9th Ribbon  
  • 2017
  • Elite Canada (Toronto, ON)
  • 8th A-Around, 7th Hoop, 7th Ball, 14th Clubs, 9th Ribbon  
  • 2016
  • Canadian Championships (Winnipeg, MB)
  • 11th A-Around, 13th Rope, 15th Hoop, 6th Ball, 8th Clubs  
  • 2016
  • Elite Canada (Vancouver, BC)
  • 4th A-Around, 13th Rope, 4th Hoop, 3rd Ball, 6th Clubs